Our remit for this garden was to turn an unloved garden into one that was pleasing on the eye with easy maintenance and suitable for family BBQ's and relaxing.

This was a complete renovation where we had to clear the garden of all tree's, turf, patio and fencing and start again with a completely blank canvass.


The patio was redesigned giving more room and access to the garage through redefined and rebuilt steps and walking area. Plenty of room is now available for BBQ and a patio table and chairs.


Small brick walls were laid to allow for planting various plants and flower beds.


An old fence was removed and replaced with one that was cut on site to shape giving a half moon effect that the customer was asking for.


New turf was laid offering the customer an easy to maintain nice looking area.


We worked with the customer every step of the way to give them the garden that they wanted and are now happy with.


The remit for this garden was to turn a garden that had not been used for a long time into one that was baby safe where the couple's 2 year old could now play safely.

Firstly the whole garden had to be cleared and levelled so new turf could be laid. Once this was done the customer was so happy with the work that they asked for the back end of the garden that they were going to leave to be redesigned for a children's playing area.


Even though this area was small we were able to remove all the waste, level the ground and put wood chip down so that a small play house and slide could be put in the area for the young child's use.

The remit for this job was to make a bigger patio with surrounding walls and steps to the upper garden, plus build an area to accommodate the waste bins.

Firstly the old wall that was in front of the garden had to be knocked down to ground level and then made good for a new wall to be built in its place.


Approximately 3 meters of the garden then had to be dug out making way for the new patio area and brick wall and steps.


The customer wasn't too sure on what they wanted so Matt suggested a design, levels of wall, and curvature of the steps which has now given the garden a lot more seating area as well as defined areas for waste bins.

The customer initially asked Matt to do her back garden and had another builder build steps in the front garden. The steps that were built in her front were of very poor quality and she wasn't happy with the work, so she asked Matt after seeing his work in her back garden if he would knock down the steps and redesign and build her a nicer front garden. 

As the house was on a corner Matt designed a curve in the steps to make the steps, garden and bend in the road match.


He then had to knock down the steps that had been built the previous week, make good and rebuild the steps.


He was also asked to redesign the garden making it easier to manage, with a slightly wider driveway.


While working on a fencing job Matt was asked if he would build a step up into a garage with a slope in front of the gate to give easy access for a wheel barrow.

Initially Matt had to clear the area, then design and build the step and slope.

Matt was asked to design something rustic that would join the top half of the garden to the bottom. The steps were built from railway sleepers giving the customer exactly what they wanted. The customer was so happy with Matts work he asked him to re-turf the upper half of the garden which matt did to the customers satisfaction

Matt was asked to remove the garden shed and pergola and lay a new patio area with rustic steps. He was also asked to build a base where a new brick built building could be built.

Matt was asked to design and build a step leading up into the garden.